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“Chicken Dinner” is a sports betting show for everybody. Betting analyst Sam Panayotovich dives inside the markets Tuesday and Thursday with industry experts, bookmakers, bettors, writers and casino executives.
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Dec 30, 2016

The Browns won their first game, a surprise guest host and the Chicken Picks remain en fuego!

A longtime Chicken supporter fills in for Joe Ostrowski this week. (1:33)

Sam Panayotovich and Brian Bedo begin the show examining exact matchup odds for Super Bowl LI. (5:15)

Handicapping approaches for the always dangerous NFL Week 17 are discussed. Some teams have clinched postseason berths while most are on the outside looking in. How many games are worth playing? (9:15)

The big boy college football bowl games are finally here and the guys are ready to wet their beaks. (26:23)

Another character in the Chicken Dinner rolodex joins the party. Marv the Big Dog comes in-studio to tell us why there's money to be made in the NBA. (30:56)

Can strip clubs affect the outcomes of pro basketball games? (44:08)

The guys have one NFL and three CFB Chicken Picks to close the show. (45:48)

Dec 22, 2016

The public won't die, Nick Kostos, and Chicken Picks!

Another week of the joes filling their pockets with cash. (1:25)

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich have time to break down the entire NFL Week 16 slate since college football doesn't offer up much until later in the bowl season. (5:55)

Has there ever been or will there ever be a good quarterback named Matt? (17:10)

Sam has a #hottake on the immediate exits of two NFL teams from the postseason. (22:30)'s Nick Kostos calls in with his top NFL and college plays, worst "bad beats" of his gambling life, and his best team in football will surprise you. (31:13)

The guys have four NFL Chicken Picks to close the show. (46:15)



Dec 15, 2016

Shea In Irving in-studio and the Chicken Picks are on fire!

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich are on a Chicken Heater. (1:25)

There are only three weeks left in the regular season and we still have no idea which teams will make it to The Super Bowl. Parity in the NFL is a beautiful thing. (5:30)

Sam thinks the Bears love Matt Barkley and Ryan Pace will pass on drafting a quarterback in the 1st round again. (10:30)

Shea In Irving is in the house with a bottle of tequila in hand! You never know where a conversation with Shea will take you. The guys discuss his hatred for Jason Garrett and Joe Buck, dreading a family road trip, bad beats, celebrity friends, they give a Week 15 NFL PreviewCollege Football Bowl Picks, Dak Prescott vs Tony Romo, and how the Cowboys season will end. (14:50)

The boys look to keep their streak rolling with The Chicken Picks and the dogs are barking! (1:12:56)

Dec 8, 2016

ESPN's Adam Amin in-studio, MLB Futures on the move, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich were so damn close to a perfect 4-0 last week. The Bubble Gum Gods gave Chickenheads a gift with UCLA before the college basketball season started! (1:45)

Believe it or not, the White Sox are making moves and Rick Hahn is leading the charge. Books adjust after the Chris Sale trade. (2:35)

The Week 14 NFL Preview includes Raiders-Chiefs, Steelers-Bills, Bears-Lions, Redskins-Eagles, Broncos-Titans, Cowboys-Giants, Seahawks-Packers, Ravens-Patriots, and whether or not the Bucs are for real. (7:30)

ESPN Broadcaster and Chicago guy Adam Amin drops by the studio for an extended conversation. Some of the topics were his career path, finishing second for the White Sox television job, favorite broadcasters growing up, announcing The Kick Six Iron Bowl, going viral, working point spreads into a game broadcast, and the weeklong preparation leading up to a game. (19:50)

The fellas brought 4 NFL Chicken Picks to continue last week's success. (55:55)


Dec 2, 2016

Chicago's Hell, NFL Futures, Pete Fiutak, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich explain why Joe is on a remote location and  it has something to do with the worst place in Chicago. (1:00)

Gronk is hurt and the list of potential Super Bowl teams won't stop growing. The guys explain which NFL Futures have value. (5:15)'s Pete Fiutak calls in to discuss the format for the perfect college football playoff, DeShone Kizer, conference championship games, and his favorite picks of the weekend. (13:05)

The NFL Preview looks at the Lions-Saints, Bills-Raiders, Chiefs-Falcons, and Giants-Steelers. (33:30)

Their glance at the CFB games includes Oklahoma St-Oklahoma, Washington-Colorado, Alabama-Florida, and Wisconsin-Penn St. (38:15)

Joe and Sam close out the show with their four Chicken Picks of the weekend! (44:30)

Nov 17, 2016

The Bubble Gum Gods in studio, College Basketball Futures, Gambling Stories, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review last week.(1:30)

The books crushed the public and how much can you trust the Cowboys, Chiefs? (3:05)

The Bubble Gum Gods show up.(9:33)

Making money on the Cubs and Bad Beats.(11:35)

The BGGs have four college basketball futures with big payouts to play right now.(19:30)

A strong Louisville-Houston pick for Thursday and The College Football Playoff.(25:20)

"Trust In Sam?" An instant classic story about Sam Panayotovich's pre-Chicken Dinner days.(30:15)

The NFL Preview includes Titans-Colts, Steelers-Browns, Patriots-49ers, Dolphins-Rams, Eagles-Seahawks, and Bears-Giants.(39:20)

A quick look at College Football with Iowa-Illinois, Northwestern-Minnesota, and Penn St-Rutgers.(45:35)

As always, Joe and Sam close with their Chicken Picks!(51:20)

Nov 10, 2016

Chief and White Sox Dave from Barstool Sports in studio! Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich quickly recap last week's picks.(1:40) Trump vs Clinton was non-stop action for bettors on Election Night.(3:20) Chief and White Sox Dave join the guys.(9:58) Does Dave really want Jerry Reinsdorf dead?(12:40) Trades and an extension could be in the Sox's near future.(23:40) How do Chicago teams rank in popularity?(30:05) Sam really hates Northwestern and Brian Kelly's future in South Bend.(39:30) The four guys take a look at the College Football schedule with Northwestern-Purdue, Ohio St-Maryland, Illinois-Wisconsin, and Army-Notre Dame.(45:20) On the NFL side, they preview Bears-Bucs, Cowboys-Steelers, Broncos-Saints, Falcons-Eagles, Seahawks-Patriots, and Packers-Titans.(53:00) Chief and Dave share their favorite Barstool memories.(59:50) Everyone loves it when White Sox Dave messes with Chris Rongey.(1:10:50) Joe and Sam's Chicken Picks to end the show.(1:13:15)

Nov 3, 2016

4-0 Chicken and veteran bookmaker Chris Andrews! Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich take a quick look back at how they got to their perfect week.(2:20) The guys have had the opportunity to attend World Series games and talk about their experiences.(3:45) Their NFL Preview includes Broncos-Raiders, Steelers-Ravens, Lions-Vikings, and Colts-Packers.(8:45) Their look at College Football is Alabama-LSU, Iowa-Penn St, Indiana-Rutgers, and Oregon St-Stanford.(19:50) The South Point's Bookmaker Chris Andrews calls in from Las Vegas.(25:50) The guys discuss his career path, the process of making lines, how much the Cubs hurt the books, biggest bet he ever lost, the Chicago money that always pours in, favorite college football and NFL plays, and shares 2 HILARIOUS Vegas stories! As always, the guys close with their Chicken Picks.(50:55)  

Oct 20, 2016

Jonathan Hood and Differing Chicken Picks! The guys start the show by discussing the poor state of QB play in the NFL and if the Steelers need to make a trade.(1:20) Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich's NFL Preview includes the Bears-Packers on Thursday Night, Giants-Rams in London, Patriots-Steelers, Seahawks-Cardinals, and Vikings-Eagles. Their College Football Preview goes over Indiana-Northwestern, Wisconsin-Iowa, Colorado-Stanford, Ohio St-Penn St, and Washington St-Arizona St. ESPN and Sirius XM's Jonathan Hood calls in to explains why he's a Chicken Dinner fan, the rising popularity of gambling coverage at ESPN, the poor NFL product, an early look at the college football playoff, his favorite college plays, and shares a couple of stories on winning a trip to Vegas and hosting a show with Chicago legend Pat Benkowski.(17:25) As always, Joe and Sam wrap up the show with their Chicken Picks. It's opposition week and Sam is angry!(44:30)

Oct 14, 2016

Kelly In Vegas, Chicken Picks, and a Special Announcement! What else do you need? Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review last week's results(1:50). America isn't watching the NFL?(4:00) The Week 6 NFL Preview includes the home dogs, public darlings, Cowboys-Packers, Falcons-Seahawks, 49ers-Bills, Browns-Titans, and Chiefs-Raiders.(6:15) The College Preview has Ohio St-Wisconsin, Alabama-Tennessee, Ole Miss-Arkansas, Stanford-Notre Dame, and Kansas St-Oklahoma(17:30). Kelly In Vegas calls in to give her favorite college football and NFL plays, discuss her Broncos, and share her worst beat(27:45). As always, the guys close the show with their Chicken Picks(42:30). But that's not it! A Special Announcement at the very end.(47:10).

Oct 6, 2016

It took five weeks, but Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review their first losing week and what the hell went wrong(1:15). The guys have come up with a short list of NFL teams they just refuse to bet against(5:15). The Week 5 NFL Breakdown(7:50) consists of Patriots-Browns, Bears-Colts, Eagles-Lions, Falcons-Broncos, and Bengals-Cowboys. The College Football Preview(16:40) includes The Red River Shootout, Vanderbilt-Kentucky for the greatest reason ever, Michigan-Rutgers, Alabama-Arkansas, and Washington-Oregon. Jarrett Payton(24:45) drops by the show to reflect on the challenges of playing sports as Walter Payton's son, his father's legendary workouts, deciding to go to The University of Miami to be on an all-time team, his craziest teammates at The U, a Miami-Florida St prediction, and the possibility of Brad Kaaya getting drafted by the Bears. As always, the guys close the show with their popular Chicken Picks(42:20).

Sep 29, 2016

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich need to bury the Jaguars once and for all. RIP Blake Bortles. Week 4 NFL Preview(8:38) includes Panthers-Falcons, Titans-Texans, Browns-Redskins, Seahawks-Jets, Rams-Cardinals, and Giants-Vikings. College Football Preview(16:27) has Northwestern-Iowa, Wisconsin-Michigan, Illinois-Nebraska, Tennessee-Georgia, and Louisville-Clemson. Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy(26:27) calls in to discuss gambling on the sport, getting caught up in the mafia world, the NBA's agenda, the future of legalized sports gambling, and his least favorite player to deal with. Joe and Sam close out the show with a record 5 Chicken Picks!

Sep 22, 2016

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich talk about how the public got taken to the woodshed in the NFL. Week 3 previews include Texans-Patriots, Vikings-Panthers, Lions-Packers, Chargers-Colts, Bears-Cowboys, and Falcons-Saints. We're back to another poor college football slate, but the guys kept it interesting with Wisconsin-Michigan St, Louisville-Marshall, Colorado-Oregon, and Nebraska-Northwestern. Former Chicago Bears RB Jason McKie calls in on the state of the Bears, getting into sports wagering post-career, what players would bet on, the 2006 Super Bowl experience, SB "celebrities," and what pisses him off about the league today. As always, Joe and Sam wrap up the show with their Chicken Picks! Baaawwwkkkkk!!!!!

Sep 15, 2016

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich set the record straight on chicken picks vs podcast picks and explain the process moving forward. There are also plenty of gambling lessons just one week into the NFL season. The NFL breakdown includes Bengals-SteelersBucs-CardinalsColts-Broncos, and Eagles-Bears. The college football slate has Houston-CincinnatiAlabama-Ole MissMichigan St-Notre Dame, and Ohio St-OklahomaDan Patrick Show legend Shea in Irving calls in to unload on Jason Garrett, Peter King, and share some bad beat stories. Sean Deaux stops by the studio to explain why he's aboard the Chicken Dinner train and discuss his new album. As always, the guys close the show with their Chicken Picks of the week.

Sep 8, 2016

Joe Ostrowski & Sam Panayotovich return after a successful opening weekend of college football. The guys discuss the the existence of Gambling Gods and rule #1 of sports wagering. On the NFL side, they talk about Packers-Jaguars, Steelers-Redskins, Giants-Cowboys, Bucs-Falcons, Bengals-Jets, Bears-Texans, Patriots-Cardinals, Raiders-Saints, & Panthers-Broncos. It's a very poor college football slate, but they breakdown North Carolina-Illinois, Notre Dame-Nevada, Ohio St-Tulsa, Tennessee-Virginia Tech, & Washington St-Boise St. Is there good value in college football futures after Week 1 losses? Most importantly, Joe & Sam close out the show with their "Chicken Picks."

Aug 31, 2016

In the 1st Chicken Dinner episode, Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich explain why they're obsessed with chicken, how they target a point spread, touts, preview the first weekend of college football, and release their first chicken picks of the season. The queen of gambling twitter Lauren Joffe talks about betting on The Little League World Series, taking huge underdogs, the worst tout, police chases, and penis rings? 

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