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Chicken Dinner covers all angles of sports handicapping and features interviews with sports media personalities and some of the sharpest bettors around. Follow the show on Twitter: @chickenxdinner @spshoot
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Jan 26, 2017

Shea In Irving visits on the NFL's bye week

Joe's futures get murdered on a rough Championship Sunday. (1:35)

Shea In Irving is here to stay for the entire episode. (4:38)

Thank Jason Garrett for the Cowboys early playoff exit. (6:55)

Shea knows the spots if you're heading to Houston or anywhere in Texas. (14:43)

Super Bowl storylines, annoying Patriots fans, bad QB narratives, Slender Man. (17:18)

Super Bowl side, total, and props! (25:04)

Sports betting will be legal and the public will get theirs next season. (53:12)

Jan 19, 2017

Championship Sunday, Chris Andrews returns, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski is on an 11-3 ATS run. (1:30)

The NFL is proving once again that it's a quarterback's league. (4:16)

Championship Sunday preview with Packers-Falcons, Steelers-Patriots. (8:28)

Ever try a suicide teaser? (13:18)

The South Point's bookmaker Chris Andrews calls in from Vegas. The guys discuss the public winning all 8 NFL Playoff games and CFB Title Game, potential changes coming with teasers, taking Billy Walters' action, and Andrews' favorite pick of the weekend. (19:15)

Joe and Sam give out 2 Chicken Picks, a play from each conference championship game. (46:52)

Sam is buying into 2 more College Basketball Futures. (50:42)


Jan 12, 2017

Divisional Round, Gill Alexander, and Chicken Picks!

Surprise, surprise. The favorites go 4-0 ATS in Wild Card Weekend. (1:32)

The sportsbooks got smashed in the National Championship thanks to Clemson and Deshaun Watson. (5:35)

The 2018 NCAA Title Odds are out and the guys give their initial thoughts. (13:45)

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs...Seahawks-Falcons, Texans-Patriots, Steelers-Chiefs, Packers-Cowboys. (17:57)

Gill Alexander joins the show. The host of the Beating The Book podcast discusses the best and worst of the sports betting industry, learning from Vegas legends, and his best bet of the weekend. (36:48)

3 Chicken Picks! (51:48)

When are the guys going to give The Chickenheads more college hoops? (54:04)

Jan 5, 2017

Wild Card Weekend, a $360K winner, and Chicken Picks!

There was immediate Wild Card line movement. (5:20)

Who is the NFL MVP? (7:16)

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich take a look at the first weekend of NFL Playoff games...Raiders-Texans, Lions-Seahawks, Dolphins-Steelers, and Giants-Packers. They wonder how you can possibly have an opinion on one of these games. (11:40)

Mark Jorstad is a farmer in Morris, IL that finished 2nd in The SuperContest. The $360K winner discusses his process and favorite plays of the weekend. (27:03)

Joe and Sam preview the National Championship between Alabama and Clemson. (42:25)

The guys wrap up the show with 3 Chicken Picks! (47:03)