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Chicken Dinner covers sports gambling on the NFL and college football, including interviews with some of the sharpest bettors around. Follow the show on Twitter: @chickenxdinner @JoeO670 @spshoot
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Oct 19, 2017

:40 - Chicken Dinner celebrates a 3-1 weekend!

1:45 - Meet the newest member of the show

3:00 - Time to recap a wild weekend of football

11:11 - Week 7 NFL Preview

26:35 - A five-pack of college football games

33:45 - Guest Barstool Big Cat

The Barstool Sports star and ESPN2 host discusses impersonating Chris Berman on the NFL Primetime set, Jay Cutler's volleyball tournament, his first bet, stuttering bookies, Marc Trestman, Sammy Sosa, Mitch Trubisky, leaving Chicago for NYC, meeting PFT Commenter for the first time, Grit Week, his expanding rolodex and partying with the Stanley Cup

52:10 - The college football scorcher continues for Jonny OddsShark

Oct 12, 2017

:40 - It's a new era of Chicken Dinner

4:20 - Washington State head coach Mike Leach wants to expand the College Football Playoff

10:45 - Updated Super Bowl Odds

14:00 - Week 6 NFL Preview

27:15 - A few thoughts on Week 7 of College Football

30:03 - Guest Wes Reynolds

MLB Playoffs, preseason NBA totals, NCAA sanctions and investigations, college basketball futures, bad beats, a "hold your nose bet" in the NFL and why it's tough to fade prick head coaches

54:00 - OddsShark's Jon Campbell is on a college football heater! 


Oct 5, 2017

1:05 - Sam was in Las Vegas during the shooting 

6:58 - Joe explains why this is his last episode of Chicken Dinner

29:01 - Guest Shea in Irving

48:11 - Guest Jon Campbell brought to you by

54:48 - Goodbye

Sep 28, 2017

The number of dogs and overs in Week 3 was a shock to just about everyone except Joe and Sam

7:03 - Week 4 NFL Preview

23:50 - College Football slate for Friday and Saturday

31:23 - Guest Artie Lange

Lightning bets, Artie's first and largest sports wager, hating Odell Beckham, collapsing in Chicago, the infamous Joe Buck Live appearance, and his new book "Is That Blood or Hawaiian Punch?" is covered in this interview

48:24 - Guest Jon Campbell, brought to you by

Is it going to be a week for favorites? As always, Jon also shares his favorite plays in the NFL and CFB, including a TNF Bears-Packers bet

Sep 21, 2017

:40 - A SuperContest update and a Chicken change?

5:38 - The upcoming Chicken Dinner guest list is star-studded

8:53 - The Week 3 NFL Preview includes every game on the slate!

36:33 - The guys look at 4 College Football games

43:25 - R.I.P. Shea in Irving?

44:46 - Guest Jon Campbell, brought to you by

Will the unders stop? Jonny Oddsshark also shares his favorite CFB and NFL plays

50:52 - Chicken!

Sep 14, 2017

:40 - The SuperContest consensus got smashed in Week 1

6:43 - A full NFL Week 2 Preview

23:36 - An atrocious slate of College Football this weekend

27:32 - Guest Evan Silva

Rotoworld's Senior Football Editor talks about the best and worst teams on film in Week 1, teams he's buying/selling, previews Bears-Bucs, gives his 2017 sleepers, and the best DFS plays at QB 

41:48 - Guest Jon Campbell via

Jonny Oddsshark gives out his favorite NFL/CFB plays and explains why fading the public isn't always a viable strategy

49:30 - Chicken

Sep 7, 2017

7:41 - NFL Week 1 Preview

22:50 - CFB Preview

31:49 - Guest David Kaplan

Kap discussed a horrible bad beat in a Survivor Pool, Kappy's favorite Week 1 plays, and how he ruined the Scottie Pippen for Shawn Kemp trade

51:39 - Guest Jon Campbell brought to you by

Jonny OddsShark shares his best bets for the NFL, CFB, and Super Bowl futures

59:15 - Chicken Picks

1:04:24 - Guest Lauren Joffe

The Spin Zone called the Howard upset and gives her long shot of the week

Aug 31, 2017

2:40 - College Football is back! The guys look at all the wild line movement, Alabama-Florida StMichigan-FloridaCFB futures

18:56 - Clay Travis and Kelly in Vegas

Turning down FS1 twice, Clay's Titans, Kelly's Broncos, mixing sports and politics, and Nick Saban are discussed

39:22 - Rob Pizzola

The Prediction Machine breaks down his favorite NFL teams in 2017 and gives his Super Bowl prediction

52:05 - Team Brazil of Jhenny Andrade, Paulo Antunes, Richard Laver

Learn about these international stars and hear the best BAWK! of all-time

Aug 24, 2017

1:55 - Mayweather vs McGregor

10:03 - NFL MVP odds

14:58 - Heisman Trophy odds

22:55 - The Pick Six Podcast crew of Pete PriscoWill Brinson, and Nick Kostos bring the FIRE! In between throwing insults at each other, the guys argue about the NFC SouthMitch Trubisky, sleeper teams, Eli Manning vs Dak PrescottDolphins with Jay CutlerBengals, and their Super Bowl predictions!

49:27 - Nick Bogdanovich interview

The William Hill Director of Trading invited the guys over to the Will Hill hub in Vegas. They discussed adjusting lines on the fly, legalizing sports betting, NFL surprise teams, sharp CFB action coming in, Mayweather-McGregor, and what's next for the industry.

Aug 17, 2017

0:30 - The fellas relive their 3-day Vegas trip, courtesy of their friends at OddsShark...the great and the bad

18:14 - Chris Andrews interview

A conversation in the office of The South Point's Sports Book Director included the $880K Mayweather bet they took, his CFB power rankings, his biggest mistake as a bookmaker, how teaser bets might change, NFL sleepers, and advice for new bettors

39:55 - Richard Roeper interview, thanks to during their Boozy Brunch at Caesars Palace

Roeper is known for being a film critic, but he's also a huge sports fan that authored "Bet the House" after he gambled over $1,000 a day for 30 days. The guys also talked about dealing with the Cubs World Series as a die hard White Sox fan, working with Roger Ebert, getting ripped by David Letterman, the most successful movie that he didn't like, and his Top 5 films of all-time

56:23 - The guys preview next week's show, which includes a ton of NFL and bookmaking information


Aug 10, 2017

2:25 - Chicken Dinner announcements!

8:06 - A look ahead at college football and Sam has a Big Ten sleeper pick that will shock CD regulars

21:15 - There's early value for Heisman futures

29:30 - Joe is selling everyone on a long shot Offensive Rookie of the Year prop. The pick is in. Chicken Dinner approved

33:30 - Jay Cutler is with the Dolphins. Should Miami's win total adjust?

37:02 - If you want to get in on a World Series future before the NFL arrives, Joe has a play with some value

42:15 - CD legend Billy Walter is in the slammer, pen, lockup, jail, clink. BS!!!!!

May 18, 2017

MLB Futures, The Preakness, NFL Win Totals released

What the hell have the guys been up to? (0:26)

Sam has a secret to share. A college basketball future that nobody else is talking about. (5:24)

Joe and Sam go over their favorite MLB Futures and what has changed in baseball around the 40 game mark. (8:57)

The Staggie calls in with some winners for The Preakness. (27:15)

NFL Win Totals are out and the guys give their initial thoughts on the numbers. (39:18)


Mar 30, 2017

MLB Futures/Win Totals/Props, The Masters, The Final Four

The Gonzaga future that the guys have been talking about since November is still alive, but they're also invested in the NIT.(0:37)

Another show. Another chance for Sam to scream about Northwestern.(4:00)

Barry Rozner of 670 The Score/The Daily Herald calls in.(8:31)

Barry is concerned about Sam's drinking.(9:17)

Who are the biggest threats to win The World Series not named the Cubs?(11:34)

Are there any MLB long shots that can make a run?(16:48)

Barry's Bad Beat story takes us back to 1993.(30:28)

Sam gets advice on how to hedge his Gonzaga ticket and gets called an idiot again.(33:30)

Over/Under MLB Win Totals(36:02)

Rozner's favorite season prop(43:28)

The Masters(46:21)

Do Joe and Sam even have chicken to give out this week?(1:01:00)


Mar 22, 2017

The NCAA Tournament is about to go from 16 teams down to the Final Four. Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich preview the games with Yahoo Sports' Brad Evans, ESPN 1000/Comcast SportsNet's David Kaplan, and The Bubble Gum Gods!


Joe has a problem. A live betting problem.(0:46)

Our Wisconsin 83/1 ticket is alive!(4:18)

Sam still hates Northwestern. Maybe now more than ever before.(6:00)

The guys look ahead to the Sweet Sixteen matchups.(10:11)

Which #1 seed is most likely to lose first?(16:01)

Brad Evans(Yahoo! Bracketologist) joins the show(18:14)

Brad gives his favorite ATS picks and backs it up the only way Brad knows how. This huge Illini fan is all in on the hire of Brad Underwood.

David Kaplan(ESPN 1000/Comcast SportsNet) calls in(35:11)

Uncle Kappy discusses his bracket mistakes, the worst bad beat of all time, best bets for Thursday/Friday, "The Plan," and the upcoming Cubs season.

The Bubble Gum Gods are back(51:37)

The BGGs talk about their top plays and the NCAA Basketball futures bet that they would make right now.

Joe and Sam have 3 Chicken Picks!(1:06:39)

Mar 15, 2017

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich make their return to preview the NCAA Tournament! 

The guys recall the run they had a year ago and the Wichita St story.(1:08)

Sam has a bunch of futures still alive and their Final Fours are revealed.(6:10)

The Northwestern discussion had to happen. It just did. Sorry.(9:22)


The following guests all give their favorite ATS picks and Final Fours:

Jordan Cornette(15:28)

The Bubble Gum Gods(27:32)

Lauren Joffe(45:32)

Brian Bedo(56:53)

Shea In Irving(1:11:25)


Joe and Sam wrap up with their 6 favorite ATS plays for Thursday and Friday.(1:22:37)

Oh yeah. Sam thinks he's going to get fired.(1:24:27)

Feb 8, 2017

Super Bowl Hangover, Jay Kornegay, Chicken's future

Joe and Sam react to The Super Bowl and the bad beat that was the Falcons and the under. (2:13)

Barstool Chief predicted overtime in Super Bowl 51! (6:22)

The guys go over the results of numerous Super Bowl Props. (8:51)

So many great moments in sports over the last calendar year. (13:40)

Jay Kornegay is the VP of The Westgate LV SuperBook and he calls in from Vegas. They discuss the Super Bowl results for the house, prop that hurt the books, their successful phone app, if sports betting will be legal across the country, The SuperContest, and early MLB action. (16:25)

Joe and Sam discuss Chicken Dinner's future plans and share some laughs to close out the football season. (34:00)


Feb 1, 2017

Super Bowl, 13 Guests, Chicken

Joe and Sam give a full breakdown of the Patriots vs Falcons Super Bowl. (2:50)


Jonathan Hood (12:35)

Mark Jorstad (18:29)

Marv the Big Dog (22:10)

Sean Deaux (27:20)

Adam Amin (31:15)

Brian Bedo (36:55)

Tim Donaghy (42:32)

The Bubble Gum Gods (46:02)

Chief (54:09)

White Sox Dave (1:01:52)

Lauren Joffe (1:08:35)

Rob Martier (1:13:55)


Joe and Sam wrap up the show with their favorite props, chicken picks, and THANK YOU. (1:21:56)

Jan 26, 2017

Shea In Irving visits on the NFL's bye week

Joe's futures get murdered on a rough Championship Sunday. (1:35)

Shea In Irving is here to stay for the entire episode. (4:38)

Thank Jason Garrett for the Cowboys early playoff exit. (6:55)

Shea knows the spots if you're heading to Houston or anywhere in Texas. (14:43)

Super Bowl storylines, annoying Patriots fans, bad QB narratives, Slender Man. (17:18)

Super Bowl side, total, and props! (25:04)

Sports betting will be legal and the public will get theirs next season. (53:12)

Jan 19, 2017

Championship Sunday, Chris Andrews returns, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski is on an 11-3 ATS run. (1:30)

The NFL is proving once again that it's a quarterback's league. (4:16)

Championship Sunday preview with Packers-Falcons, Steelers-Patriots. (8:28)

Ever try a suicide teaser? (13:18)

The South Point's bookmaker Chris Andrews calls in from Vegas. The guys discuss the public winning all 8 NFL Playoff games and CFB Title Game, potential changes coming with teasers, taking Billy Walters' action, and Andrews' favorite pick of the weekend. (19:15)

Joe and Sam give out 2 Chicken Picks, a play from each conference championship game. (46:52)

Sam is buying into 2 more College Basketball Futures. (50:42)


Jan 12, 2017

Divisional Round, Gill Alexander, and Chicken Picks!

Surprise, surprise. The favorites go 4-0 ATS in Wild Card Weekend. (1:32)

The sportsbooks got smashed in the National Championship thanks to Clemson and Deshaun Watson. (5:35)

The 2018 NCAA Title Odds are out and the guys give their initial thoughts. (13:45)

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs...Seahawks-Falcons, Texans-Patriots, Steelers-Chiefs, Packers-Cowboys. (17:57)

Gill Alexander joins the show. The host of the Beating The Book podcast discusses the best and worst of the sports betting industry, learning from Vegas legends, and his best bet of the weekend. (36:48)

3 Chicken Picks! (51:48)

When are the guys going to give The Chickenheads more college hoops? (54:04)

Jan 5, 2017

Wild Card Weekend, a $360K winner, and Chicken Picks!

There was immediate Wild Card line movement. (5:20)

Who is the NFL MVP? (7:16)

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich take a look at the first weekend of NFL Playoff games...Raiders-Texans, Lions-Seahawks, Dolphins-Steelers, and Giants-Packers. They wonder how you can possibly have an opinion on one of these games. (11:40)

Mark Jorstad is a farmer in Morris, IL that finished 2nd in The SuperContest. The $360K winner discusses his process and favorite plays of the weekend. (27:03)

Joe and Sam preview the National Championship between Alabama and Clemson. (42:25)

The guys wrap up the show with 3 Chicken Picks! (47:03)