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Chicken Dinner covers sports gambling on the NFL and college football, including interviews with some of the sharpest bettors around. Follow the show on Twitter: @chickenxdinner @JoeO670 @spshoot
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Nov 17, 2016

The Bubble Gum Gods in studio, College Basketball Futures, Gambling Stories, and Chicken Picks!

Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review last week.(1:30)

The books crushed the public and how much can you trust the Cowboys, Chiefs? (3:05)

The Bubble Gum Gods show up.(9:33)

Making money on the Cubs and Bad Beats.(11:35)

The BGGs have four college basketball futures with big payouts to play right now.(19:30)

A strong Louisville-Houston pick for Thursday and The College Football Playoff.(25:20)

"Trust In Sam?" An instant classic story about Sam Panayotovich's pre-Chicken Dinner days.(30:15)

The NFL Preview includes Titans-Colts, Steelers-Browns, Patriots-49ers, Dolphins-Rams, Eagles-Seahawks, and Bears-Giants.(39:20)

A quick look at College Football with Iowa-Illinois, Northwestern-Minnesota, and Penn St-Rutgers.(45:35)

As always, Joe and Sam close with their Chicken Picks!(51:20)

Nov 10, 2016

Chief and White Sox Dave from Barstool Sports in studio! Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich quickly recap last week's picks.(1:40) Trump vs Clinton was non-stop action for bettors on Election Night.(3:20) Chief and White Sox Dave join the guys.(9:58) Does Dave really want Jerry Reinsdorf dead?(12:40) Trades and an extension could be in the Sox's near future.(23:40) How do Chicago teams rank in popularity?(30:05) Sam really hates Northwestern and Brian Kelly's future in South Bend.(39:30) The four guys take a look at the College Football schedule with Northwestern-Purdue, Ohio St-Maryland, Illinois-Wisconsin, and Army-Notre Dame.(45:20) On the NFL side, they preview Bears-Bucs, Cowboys-Steelers, Broncos-Saints, Falcons-Eagles, Seahawks-Patriots, and Packers-Titans.(53:00) Chief and Dave share their favorite Barstool memories.(59:50) Everyone loves it when White Sox Dave messes with Chris Rongey.(1:10:50) Joe and Sam's Chicken Picks to end the show.(1:13:15)

Nov 3, 2016

4-0 Chicken and veteran bookmaker Chris Andrews! Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich take a quick look back at how they got to their perfect week.(2:20) The guys have had the opportunity to attend World Series games and talk about their experiences.(3:45) Their NFL Preview includes Broncos-Raiders, Steelers-Ravens, Lions-Vikings, and Colts-Packers.(8:45) Their look at College Football is Alabama-LSU, Iowa-Penn St, Indiana-Rutgers, and Oregon St-Stanford.(19:50) The South Point's Bookmaker Chris Andrews calls in from Las Vegas.(25:50) The guys discuss his career path, the process of making lines, how much the Cubs hurt the books, biggest bet he ever lost, the Chicago money that always pours in, favorite college football and NFL plays, and shares 2 HILARIOUS Vegas stories! As always, the guys close with their Chicken Picks.(50:55)