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Chicken Dinner covers sports gambling on the NFL and college football, including interviews with some of the sharpest bettors around. Follow the show on Twitter: @chickenxdinner @JoeO670 @spshoot
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Oct 20, 2016

Jonathan Hood and Differing Chicken Picks! The guys start the show by discussing the poor state of QB play in the NFL and if the Steelers need to make a trade.(1:20) Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich's NFL Preview includes the Bears-Packers on Thursday Night, Giants-Rams in London, Patriots-Steelers, Seahawks-Cardinals, and Vikings-Eagles. Their College Football Preview goes over Indiana-Northwestern, Wisconsin-Iowa, Colorado-Stanford, Ohio St-Penn St, and Washington St-Arizona St. ESPN and Sirius XM's Jonathan Hood calls in to explains why he's a Chicken Dinner fan, the rising popularity of gambling coverage at ESPN, the poor NFL product, an early look at the college football playoff, his favorite college plays, and shares a couple of stories on winning a trip to Vegas and hosting a show with Chicago legend Pat Benkowski.(17:25) As always, Joe and Sam wrap up the show with their Chicken Picks. It's opposition week and Sam is angry!(44:30)

Oct 14, 2016

Kelly In Vegas, Chicken Picks, and a Special Announcement! What else do you need? Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review last week's results(1:50). America isn't watching the NFL?(4:00) The Week 6 NFL Preview includes the home dogs, public darlings, Cowboys-Packers, Falcons-Seahawks, 49ers-Bills, Browns-Titans, and Chiefs-Raiders.(6:15) The College Preview has Ohio St-Wisconsin, Alabama-Tennessee, Ole Miss-Arkansas, Stanford-Notre Dame, and Kansas St-Oklahoma(17:30). Kelly In Vegas calls in to give her favorite college football and NFL plays, discuss her Broncos, and share her worst beat(27:45). As always, the guys close the show with their Chicken Picks(42:30). But that's not it! A Special Announcement at the very end.(47:10).

Oct 6, 2016

It took five weeks, but Joe Ostrowski and Sam Panayotovich review their first losing week and what the hell went wrong(1:15). The guys have come up with a short list of NFL teams they just refuse to bet against(5:15). The Week 5 NFL Breakdown(7:50) consists of Patriots-Browns, Bears-Colts, Eagles-Lions, Falcons-Broncos, and Bengals-Cowboys. The College Football Preview(16:40) includes The Red River Shootout, Vanderbilt-Kentucky for the greatest reason ever, Michigan-Rutgers, Alabama-Arkansas, and Washington-Oregon. Jarrett Payton(24:45) drops by the show to reflect on the challenges of playing sports as Walter Payton's son, his father's legendary workouts, deciding to go to The University of Miami to be on an all-time team, his craziest teammates at The U, a Miami-Florida St prediction, and the possibility of Brad Kaaya getting drafted by the Bears. As always, the guys close the show with their popular Chicken Picks(42:20).